The Relic

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Puritan Planet was founded in response to movies that are available on the internet and its content does not offer ample opportunity to enjoy a nice movie associated with erotic and sex scenes.

Puritan Planet wants to offer their view on the beauty of the human body associated with film art.

Our company offers complete services for making movies.
We have own model agency and casting agency.

  • Stylist
  • Wardrobe masters
  • Propsmasters
  • Lighting equipment
  • Editing softwares
  • Production
  • Videographers
  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Location manager

all what gives us quality work and outcome...


The House

Two nice girls live in this house and we can watch their fantasies. This video is made so smooth and decent as the girls are. This is what we like!

The Hall

This Hot scene is showing hidden woman´s desire.
Made in HD.

The Horse

An Amazing sunny afternoon on horse back.
Made in HD.

River of dream

Gently and decently captured female beauty.
Made in HD.

The Relic

New movie The Relic was made just to show an amazing combination of sexuality and Film Art.

Drama with subtle erotic overtones has a background of authentic historical events Templar persecution after the black night 13th October 1307 developed a simple dramatic and unexpected story of the December Templar pilgrimage one precious relic. The sacred chalice Christian - Grail, from France to safe underground church. The Relic film takes place at the end of year 1307.

Angry Philip IV. Nice paid hordes of spies authorized harsh interrogation, torture and murder in order to obtain the coveted relics, which should provide him the power and wealth. Management of the operation instructed ascheming, dark and wicked Guillaume de Nogaret. Along with Pope Clement V. organized on the night of 12 to 13 October 1307 arrests of a large Knights Templar in France. Their property was confiscated. Sacred relics of the Knights Templar were saved, always in move and hidden. And here our story begins ..

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